Modify Mouse Sensitibity with a Button?

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    I just moved over to MagicDos Boxfrom DOSBox Turbo which was a pain to set up, in comparison, on my GPD XD.
    I’m playing Torin’s Passage right now, a Sierra point-and-click, and it so far is working better than Turbo which had audio issues.

    Anyway, I’m using the left analog stick as the mouse. I’m not sure if there is a way to already do this but an option to map a physical button to change the mouse sensitivity on the fly either switching between values like a DPI switch on some newer mice, or holding the button would toggle between specified sensitivity values.

    So for instance pressing R2 would switch between mouse sensitivity 3,5,7 (or whatever value the user would like) everytime the button is pressed. Press R2 > 3 > R2 > 5 > R2 > 7 >R2 > 3 > etc…

    Alternatively, holding down a button would switch between values. Using 8 and 5 as an example, 8 being the mouse sensitivity I use normally, and holding down the mapped button would change it to 5, releasing it would go back to 8.

    I think it would help with navigation/selection a lot with point-and-click games.


    Hi, no this is not implemented, but it sounds like good adept for improving “loopers”.

    Loopers were done for cycling over set of keys.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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