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    Version : 1

    Hi people,

    I always played with thought to have Magic Dosbox in apocalyptic look of Fallout 1,2 or sci-fi look Starcraft. Well, mDosbox’s look history was way full of pain. First version contained for many people weird icons, to my protection I must say, I did them with love, I always was fan of fantasy. Over time I replaced many of them, however I still received here and there ideas how to repaint current theme. Incoming Material theme became number for people who did not like Fantasy theme. Just now, we move forward and Magic Dosbox implements support for custom theme (supported since v74)

    I am writing this doc in the time when is not implemented like I want, but is already supported. I will do all my best to finish it as soon as possible.

    Screenshots :



    As can be seen on picture abobe, in this time, not all icons were finished.

    How it works. Create folder “Themes” in folder “.MagicBox/” and unzip theme file there. Resulted path should be : ..”.MagicBox/Themes/Theme”.

    Theme folder contains icons with custom name and config.xml which maps them to codes known by Magic Dosbox.

    Al ex

    Great to see this is finally coming to the official version! ??


    So by copying and changing name of folders etc we can make our own? 😉


    Download that zip and unzip it under “themes” it should work

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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