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    Hello and thanks for making this software.

    I want to know more about this port, is it based off of DosBox DAUM (Ykhwong) SVN source code? I saw a mention of it in the “Expert commands” screen.

    Regarding that, what are all the included/not included options for the dosbox.conf in the current version? What patches did you include?

    And where is the dosbox.conf? Does it work only if I activate the “Expert commands”?

    I found two files that appear to be the dosbox.conf file, one is in
    and the other, which includes more configurations, is located in:

    I couldn’t find this detailed in the help/manual.
    Thank you!


    Hi, magic dosbox has two cores, but none is based on daum. Default core uses cpu improvement implemented in daum, but that’s all.

    Dosbox config is created from GUI settings or Expert settings in runtime. Result is saved to file before each start. There is no other file.

    Al ex

    Hey @ECHO_OFF,

    the dosbox.cong is created individually for each game profile, and managed by using the expert settings. Which are basically the normal dosbox.cong txt file you know from the PC version.

    It looks like you’re using the free version, so there’s only one profile. But you can e.g. setup the expert settings to your liking, and launch different games with different conf options from multiple .bat files. That’s how I do it on the PC, or did it in AnDosbox (like U7.bat, WC2.bat, settlers.bat, you get the meaning ?).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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