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    Finally got a very powerful phone (the galaxy s7) and I tested Duke3d with Magic Dosbox, FPS is pretty decent at 320×240, not as smooth at 800×600 but still playable (I wonder if you can tell me some tweaks to make it smooth at that resolution? I added 64mb of ram, not sure if I could fine tune the CPU cycles?)

    Anyway, im considering buying this software if I can set the controls to work like this:

    Notice how you can fire and aim at the same time with the button on the right, while you strafe on the left area, this is I think the best setup possible in a touchscreen. Unfortunately that port is canceled due a cease and desist letter sent to Beloko (the author) so im stuck with good ol Dos emulation, I just need to know if I can reach that layout of buttons to get a similar experience.

    Compare it to this gameplay with Dosbox:

    See this pic for explaination if it was not clear:

    With the free version, I was not able to do much. I tried to add a fire button, and it doesn’t work, a tutorial would be good to know what im doing.


    All I see in your video is that it is Created with Vegas Pro 12 (nothing shows otherwise).

    I understand what you are talking about though. My current workaround to thiis to aim your sights first then strafe or move while shooting. This is not an optimal solution but it lets me enjoy playing DOS FPS games with Magic DOSBox.


    It’s not my video and it starts at 1:40

    I don’t find it playable unless you can lock in on the target and shot while aiming and strafing, anything else is annoying.

    I don’t even know how to setup basic controls and im not sure I can do it with the free version since it only lets me add keys and mouse buttons.

    Apparently DosBox Magic has a ton of options including multiple actions, maybe the fire button could be setup to do a multiple option:

    1) fire, while its pressed
    2) mouse mouse, while it’s pressed

    this should result in a button that does what is seen on the first video, but I can’t seem to be able to make it work. It fires when I press on the screen with a double click for some reason.. this makes no sense.

    Al ex

    Mh, should be doable with the dpad widget. I’ll install the free version and check.
    Edit: ah now, that’s not supported in the free version. I’ve tried with the paid version though. It sort of works, but the mouse navigation via dpad is limited in the way that it moves the nouse cursor to the screen edge, and then stops. So you can only turn around for maybe a quarter or half turn, then it stops.

    I’ll try to figure out something else. Maybe anyone else has an idea?


    I can’t do much since I don’t have the paid version, and I will only buy it if it can do what I need to do, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play properly…

    There must be a way. It’s a “while it’s pressed” action, and it takes the reference point from the spot where first started pressing. More gameplay here:

    As you see it plays really well.

    You can see the grid of the buttons here and where he is placing the fingers:



    Thanks for interesting post.

    All right. First, if you have trouble with decision buy or not to buy, try it I can refund you in worst case. Magic Dosbox is not here for cheating people.

    With emulator you must accept, that it allows you do only that what game supports. Game ports can do more. But this does not mean, that games are not playable. Many times it is about the controls.

    Over last 3.5 years were added various controls for various games based on players suggestions. I add what I can, however probably not immediately – you know – work, children etc. 🙂

    Many people does not know about one flag in widget’s setup. It is called “Activate on tap only”. Each widget has two major states – pressed and not pressed. By default you activate widget with finger tap somewhere inside widget area. But this flag “activate on tap only” allows you to widget activation/deactivation with dragging over screen. Sibling to this flag is another flag “deactivate on leave”. By default is widget deactivated if you leave with finger it’s area. This flag blocks this and widget stays activated even you leave widget’s area.

    I see on you video that you turn to sides with quick swing to left/right. Something like quick swing on touchpad. Unfortunately this control is not implemented and is on to do list long time. But you can do it with relative mouse with higher sensitivity, f.e 200.

    BUT, you can try it like I do it in this video :

    Here is my profile, import it in magic dosbox

    My duke3d setup in SETUP.EXE is : Controller setup => keyboard and mouse.

    Drawback with this setup is : in video I fire with relative mouse. Due nature of relative mouse there is little delay when you fire and lack of continual fire, because relative mouse executes click if you quickly tap. But if you drag then relative mouse emulates movement. If you want immediate fire then use widget (maybe with flag “activate on tap only” turned off).

    I found now small bug if you perform 3 touch at once, I must fix that, but 2 fingers are fine for duke.

    In virtual joystick you can change position inner rectangle – this increases/decreases active angles for direction detection. Usually I move this rectangle a bit down, so I have bigger forward area and smaller backward area.

    This video is my quick idea, did not think about it much, i prefer another controls


    Doesn’t seem to play too good to be honest. If you can’t fire + aim at the same time I don’t think I will be able to enjoy any FPS. Please add the missing button as seen in Beloko’s port videos.

    I would like to try your setup but I think that it will not work with the free version, and by looking at the video it doesn’t feel too good tbh, it just seems like you strafe, and shoot while strafing but not while turning.


    Ah yes, now I understand, you want aim and fire with the same widget. No, this is not implemented. Maybe in the future. But in dos version is aiming not so important i think. You always hit if you point to correct direction. Is not necesssry look up down.

    Here are tips for better performance :

    Enable auto performance, scroll down to “main program”, press Get and generate all to clipboard. Enable expert settings and replace content with clipboard. Change sb16 to sb2. Change cycles=max 105% to max 120%


    I added cross to middle of screen. Now I see where I aim and playing is much easier.

    I think I can modify virtual joystick. Currrently it has fixed start point, but I can implement that middle will not be fixed. Will be always first touch coordinate. And I can add option for second action which will be fired when you touch joystick.

    Its not easy for implementation, but easiest from all options what I have. I think, correct solution (and most universal – for other games types) is placing widgets over self and run actions of all widgets below finger. But this is very hard now. It requires deep rewrite of control system.

    Check magic dosbox later, currently I hardly work on new console mode.


    You always hit if you point to correct direction. Is not necesssry look up down.

    Even if you are not looking up and down, you still need to be able to TURN while strafing in order to dodge while placing the crosshair on top of the enemy.

    Doom has no crosshair by default but you don’t really need it, it’s pretty easy to aim since the gun is centered.

    Duke 3D has a yellow crosshair by default. Press the key “I” if you can’t see it.


    I hope you can work on this and get something done soon, im willing to pay for this man. Just a button that allows you to turn and look up and down while firing would make it playable.

    Anyone knows if DosBox Turbo can do this?


    Hmm i think, i found an easy way wich you’d like for your duke setup…

    1. Create a virtual joystick for moving… 4 ways.

    2. create a a second virtual joystick for strafing…

    You have to bind the keys youll have to set up in the virtual joysticks inside duke3d’s own setup.exe…

    For moving, i took the standard arrow keys and bind them on the 1. Virtual joystick like default.
    For strafing, i bind:

    “A” – left strafe
    “D” – right strafe
    “W” – aim up
    “S” – aim down

    Within dukes setup.exe and created a 2. Virtual joystick INCLUDING a (ctrl) modifier… ctrl is the default fire key.. with that, you can move and strafe while automatically shoot (while strafing).






    Im not sure how that would play out in practice. Could you post a gameplay video??


    Dunno how i could record a video on my tab.

    But everytime i use the right virtual stick for strafing or aiming up/down, i also fire.


    And where can I buy that duke3d app which you use in video? I was searching on web but without success…

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