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    I have made a little profile for the original Lemmings that I thought I could share. Nothing fancy, but I think that this forum needs a Lemmings profile. 😊 It will also work with Oh No! More Lemmings. It’s made on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ with a 12.4 inch screen. It’s for relative mouse, I could not get absolute to work. It is very important to play the game in VGA-mode, or the pixel traps won’t work. Getting Lemmings to run in VGA was a little more complicated than usual, see the end of this post for more information.

    Lemmings profile


    A good place to save

    Under way

    Happy ending in sight

    The menu screen has invisible widgets over all the clickable areas of the screen, meaning F1 to F4, Esc and the up and down arrows to select difficulty on the right. The actual game screen has widgets over the 12 buttons in the lower left.

    On the left we have an Esc button. We have a left click, this can be used to move the view area on the mini map down to the right of the game screen. Position the cursor in the white square, and you can hold the mouse button and drag the view area left and right.

    The biggest annoyance in Lemmings is that there is no save feature, each time you finish a level you get a code to the next level. If you want to play old-school you have a journal (to write down the codes) and a keyboard (to enter them). If you prefer the modern convenience of saving and loading your games, you can use the buttons for that. Be aware that these may not be fully reliable and should be used with caution. Maybe someone with more technical know-how can explain it better. I have tried to save in the middle of a game, and that resulted in a corrupt savegame. I suggest saving on the intro screen before starting the level, that seems to work fine.

    Finally, VGA-mode. When you have changed your C-drive and selected your Exe-file, you must tap the button marked 1 below, and enter “-v -x” in the pop-up as seen in the second screenshot. This should be enough, but for some reason it isn’t. To make the game start in VGA you must tap the button marked 2 and confirm (to update the Expert commands). Then you must check the box marked with 3. At last, tap the button marked 4. This brings up and editor as seen in the third screenshot below. You must change the line that starts with machine to read “machine=vgaonly” and save it.
    The easiest way to know if you are in VGA or not is to look at the intro screen for a level, second screenshot from the top. It should have a brown background with blue letters, easy to read. The EGA-mode has much more garish colors and is difficult to read.



    Expert commands

    That’s it. Hope someone finds a use for it. Feel free to ask questions.

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention the Turbo key. It’s a toggle that makes the virtual machine go full speed. When you have made a path for your herd and is just waiting for them to stumble their way across three screens, you might want to speed things up. But I suggest hitting it again to get the game in normal speed before you start the next level.

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