Issue with Placing Widgets on Samsung S8


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    Hi, I have just bought this App and it is clearly the best Dosbox App out there! Two things that I noticed on my S8 running Android Oreo:

    1. When my screen is set to “orient” instead of “land” then I can only place widgets in the left side of the screen (in portrait orientation). If I set it to “land” I still need to restart the game to be able to place on the right side as well. Is this expected behaviour?

    2. Even if I do this, it seems S8 fullscreen support is still limited. I can put the game screen in full and it stretches properly. However, I can’t drag widgets to the rightmost 10% of the screen or so. This is the exact same space which is taken up by the S8 navigation bar when fullscreen is disabled. I guess this is due to the 18.5:9 screen ratio/2960×1440 resolution, so that the right most 2.5 which extend beyond 16:9 are not usable for Widgets. Given that the S8 is out for a while and the S9 has the same ratio, any hope of making that part usable? My current workaround is to move the game screen to the right and add widgets on the left, but this is not optimal for all games.



    Please could you make video, I like to see it. This is really weird.

    True fullscreen mode (immersive) is not now supported, but it should be in next version


    Sorry, I only have Screen Shots right now, due to bandwidth.


    The widget in the bottom right can not be moved any more the right, either by drag&drop or by using the movement arrows. If you look at the following screenshot, the area it can’t be moved into is exactly the same area where the navigation bar appears when extending it or where it is all the time when not using full-screen mode.


    It is probably a lack of support for true fullscreen, then. It is not that big of a deal as with most games you can use just have the dosbox windows to the right and controls to the left. Only if you need to use several widgets at same time it is more convenient to have them to the right and to the left.

    Edit: seems like the images are not working. Here are the links:

    Screenshot 20180323 093406 Magic Dos Box
    Screenshot 20180323 093717 Magic Dos Box


    I found that problem now when I implemented true fullscreen mode. It is magic dosbox bug. I save screen size at startup and on orientation change, but navigation bar hides a bit later, so screen size is not updated. Game texture is updated a bit different way. If there will be no other problems then it will be fixed in next version.


    Great, I appreciate your work on this a lot! This is the first time that dosbox on Android has become usable for me for games other than those easily controlled by Mouse only.

    Some other things I thought about, but those are really minor issues:

    1. Sometimes my widgets get rotated. I think this sometimes happen when I place them first in auto/rotate orientation and then switch to landscape. But I can’t reproduce this in a consistent manner, so it is hard to describe more exactly and I do not have an example at hand. But this includes the text running top to bottom instead of left to right. Maybe an option to reset widget orientation would be nice, maybe there is already one and I just have not found it yet.

    2. The changing layers action seems like it should be available under the “Special” widget and not only under the “Combo” widget. This is just a bit counterintuitive to me, as I looked for it there first. Of course it is fine to also have it under Combo.

    3. Walkthrough having support for .txt, .pdf and images would be nice. I.e. I use it to show the copy protection answers for Master of Orion, and I had to create a html page to display the image I have them on. And many of my existing walkthroughs for older games are in .pdf or .txt.

    Just a general wishlist, but I probably already love the App as much as possible 🙂


    Thank you. I only implemented good ideas of many people.

    Widgets remembers initial orientation and stays in this orientation even you rotate device. This way it was designed from beginning and prevents many problems.

    Current version 62 has bug which is there long time, sometimes on startup are widgets loaded in incorrect orientation, but I did not worked on that, because simple restart fixes it. But now, due immersive mode I rewrote some stuff and it will work correctly. This is related to that problem with right side described by you.

    Walkthrough widget uses WebView control provided by android system (you can update it through google play). In reality it is simple web web browser. This supports txt files well (and probably images too), I can look at this. I am not sure about pdf. I will look at this in free time.

    Yes, I know switching layers action is not very intuitive, I got several warning from users. I will think about it.

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