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    Magic Dosbox is really powerful app, hovever I found a problem while trying to load CD-ROM driver under the OS on master IMG drive image.
    During launching it is written that both images were mounted succesfully, yet it cannot be loaded under operating system from master image.
    On DOSBox Desktop by Ykhwong the same configuration works perfectly fine and CD image is visible under the OS from the master image.

    Settings of mine:

    enable slave pic=true
    @Echo Off
    #mount c: /mnt/sdcard/
    # c:
    #imgmount a “/storage/emulated/0/emu/floppy.img” -t floppy -fs fat
    imgmount c “/storage/emulated/0/emu/primary.img” -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16,130
    imgmount d “/storage/emulated/0/emu/cd.iso” -t iso
    #also tried with -fs iso

    boot -l c

    What can I do else in the case?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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