is Win 98 useable?

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    hi. It seems the game I´ve been trying to install is resisting to my efforts, as it asks for things that only some latter versions of 95 had, while my iso is quite early.
    So, I want to ask, has anyone installed Win98? is it useable for games?
    Can we use the same video drivers that we use for Win95?


    Cannot tell much about drivers, on win98 I used an image I found on… my efforts to install my win98 cd where useless… you could plant potatoes on the scratches :p

    So far I got it working with dx 6.0c , sound blaster and s3 video (16 bit color and up to 1200×1080 res or so ) and I play sim tower and fallout 2 (gog’s).

    So far so good but I find it a bit unestable… freezes and crashes often while on the so… 0 while playing.


    I use the img roland deschain made at xda. Its actually 98 Lite (no internet explorer hurray) works pretty nice in magicdosbox with these exceptions 1.Audio drivers is functional but kinda screwed up the img was made for dosbox turbo (works perfect in it but the controls config sucks so bad its unusable for my purposes) and its way stabler when using a third party app for control configs (im using sixaxis controller). Seems taking that burden off of magicdosbox is a total gamechanger (no pun intended) I still use magicdosbox for some widgets but the majority is handled via sixaxis (its a ps4 controller so sixaxis is necessary not sure on oh say an xbox one but sixaxis has keyboard emulation and i dont know how you set yours up but i find if at possible do a total keyboard layout because the joystick and mouse emulation in-game isnt optimum…always feels like one analog is more sensitive than its partner.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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