in-game gallery save location?

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    hi, I want to know if I can access in-game gallery from file system.
    I can take screenshot with widget button, which is good, and can check it in-game gallery, which is also good, but where they are stored? I want to export those screenshot to my PC but can’t find them.
    if it is not a thing, I really want it as a feature.

    Al ex

    It’s in the game’s profile folder, either /Android/data/bruenor.magicbox/Games/Data/[cryptic profile name]/Screenshots (private location), or in /.MagicBox/Games/Data/[cryptic profile name]/Screenshots (public location).

    A bit difficult to find, if you have many games installed. The easiest is to save your profile without any changes in Magic Dosbox, then sort them by date in your file browser, so the most recent edited folder & file is the topmost.

    That being said, I realize you’re the first person to ever ask this question, and I think an export function might actually come in handy. Or maybe the screenshots should be stored to something like /DCIM/MagicBox Screenshots/[Game Title]/ ..? ?


    Thank you for quick reply.

    ok for me it was actually /Android/data/bruenor.magicbox/files/.MagicBox/Games/Data/[cryptic profile name]/Screenshots.

    and I noticed that if I set title image for each game, it will store copy of it as avatar.png in [cryptic profile name]folder so it would be easier way to locate the profile I want.(this is for others if they encounter same need as I did)


    I can add option to global settings for custom screenshots path, or maybe export button to gallery.

    Now ju must navigate to game profile folder or export game profile and check “include screenshots”. Export creates zip which can be extracted on pc

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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