How do YOU play FPS games?

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    So, I’ve been playing everything on MagicDOSBox, but the one type of game that’s hardest to control has got to be FPS games. After experimenting quite a bit, I’ve found that having a Master Of Puppets that’s large with the inner small circle 3/4 to 1/2 way the bottom can get you some reasonable control. Kind of like this:

    But anyway, how do you control your FPS games? I’d like to know!


    Hi, yes, you are right, I do the same, I move inner circle almost to bottom, this way I get larger front area and smaller back area. This is good for me. In addition I found more comfortable for me to not enable diagonals for 4way key mop. This is good for doom and hexen. But for duke3d 4th mop type – native with full range. Of course physical gamepad is better for fps games, touch screen is not so “handy” for fps, but I played and finished duke3d and doom well on my phone. And now I often use one button for strafe, I found it very useful.


    I was thinking…what if you were able to combine widgets that are stacked on top of each other? Kind of like a Deadly Strike, but both of the widgets activate if you press on top of the both of them at the same time? So say you create a large widget for the up arrow and on the sides of it you have a left arrow widget and a right arrow widget. When you press only the up arrow, the up arrow fires, when you press the spot where the up arrow and the left arrow widget combines, you move up and left at the same time.

    I’m just trying to think of methods to make movement in games smoother. Possibly make this a toggle in the widget or in general.

    Al ex

    You can already do something like this by deactivating the “activate on tap only” option. This will let you use up and left arrow without lifting the finger.

    But I think yours is a good idea. Not sure if it can be done, but it would allow to create sort of custom combo widgets.


    I was preparing for this answer one day 😀

    Well, I must say this idea is great. If I know it at beginning of development, then is implemented since then. It can solve various situations what I solve now with specialized widgets. Of course this idea can’t handle all situations and after all, these specialized would be implemented too.

    So, question is – is this idea still worth of implementation? Is there at least one situation what can be handled significantly better with this idea then with current implementation?

    Please don’t take this question wrong, I will be very happy if as many people as possible can write down here situations what can be fixed with implementation of this idea and which can’t be handled by current offer.

    Why I still didn’t make decision?

    Exactly like with layers implementation, I need rewrite a lot of core code. This is not fun. With layers I was 100% sure that this brings significant improvements. It took me 8 versions until the code was prepared for layers. Now it is not so dramatic, but there are various complications. Android sends really many touch events which are evaluated against collisions. With multiple layers it is yet more work, but still not bad, because I finish detection when I found first widget. But this idea needs scan all widgets over all layers below finger. This needs implement binary trees or other help for faster detection. And of course all flags like “activate on tap only”, “deactivate on leave” etc must be functional.


    Wow, I can tell that this brings back some painful memories. Honestly, a few of the ways would be make numerous button combos work. Create a forward button widget with a shift key widget on the top left and/or a Ctrl widget(sneak) key on the top right. Allowing people to choose in the moment exactly how they would like to proceed.

    Or how about taking two buttons you use constantly and have them connected somewhere. This would turn the only two buttons into a combo. I’m sure other people have their own ideas, but the more features/options you give users, the better.

    In fact, why not create a beta/experimental build for people to test these things out?


    external keyboards and controllers is where i went with it . The built in keymapper is top-notch (i like it better than ds4windows)
    i had my chatpad hooked into my ps4 controller and i mapped everykey ! Dosbox turbo has a maximun 20 defined keymaps (as in you can reassign 20 keys it recognized all of keyboard)i ran out of keys with magic dosbox lol.

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