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    Hexen: Beyond Heretic

    “Hexen” is a sequel to “Heretic”.


    Some information:

    Tablet: Telekom Puls, 1280 x 800

    Aspect ratio = on

    All keys do exist.
    The Master of Puppets widget can be used to move around, below it you will find the keys to strafe.
    1 to 4: chose your weapon. Each hero is able to carry 4 weapons max.
    On the right there is a “bag” with all function keys, +/- controls screen size on older devices.
    “Pause” pauses the game and “Map” opens the map. Now +/- control the size of the map. “follow” switches between Follow- or Standard-Map-Mode
    “Jump” jumps and “Run” speed up movement using joystick.
    You fight with the sword.


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