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    Below are examples of working commands to mount drives in this build of dosbox ive come across (all examples use 256mb drive and mount the drive as the primary drive this list doesnt count mounting as the A drive)

    imgmount c: /mnt/sdcard/c.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16,520
    imgmount c: /mnt/sdcard/c.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,63,16,520
    imgmount c: /mnt/sdcard/c.img -t hdd -fs fat
    imgmouny c: /mnt/sdcard/c.img -t hdd -fs none
    (below require a directory with the img in be mounted and accessed prior to commands)
    imgmount 2 c.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16,520
    imgmount 2 c.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,63,16,520

    There are proabably more. Please share them.
    Anyway my question is : Is any of these better to use and why ? There are alot of dosbox tutorials out there lol and there are a lot of slight variences in them as you can see from the above, all work and i dont see any difference as far as the rom performance goes but i honestly didnt benchmark because i just found the 2 ommiting disk last night. i tried to locate the answer to this but none of the tutorials specify why they elected to use the various mounts.


    Edit: the forth one down is incorrect . it does not result in IMG being mounted as c. You must define fs as something it cannot be none without disk geometry

    Al ex

    These values depend on the image size. Here are values that are working for me:
    32MB: 512,63,16,520
    256MB: 512,63,16,520
    512MB: 512,63,32,520
    1GB: 512,63,64,520
    2GB: 512,63,64,1023

    Al ex

    And here are the images.


    Can I mount more then 2 HDD images? I have C – Win95 osr2 system, D – mounted HDD image, E – virtual CD inside Win95. I would like to mount another 2gb HDD image as drive F, but if I use the same mount command as for C and D changing only drive letter, drive is not mounted. It’s not possible at all to mount more then 2 images or should I use some extra flag, mount as slave or something?

    Al ex

    Windows 95 only supports two hard drives, with a limit of 2 GB. But if you need more space, to install more games, you can use a workaround:

    Always mount the same image with your Win95 installation as C drive, so the install information for all games, as well as your system settings etc, are always up to date. Mount 2 GB images as drive D, and install the game files there. This way, you can have multiple of these 2 GB images, and simply mount the correct one in your game profile (also, maybe name them after the games they contain).

    For example: I have several images, e.g. “Win95.img” (my C drive image), and “2GB_MM6_Diablo.img”, “2GB_AoE1_AoE2.img”, “2GB_RedAlert_Starcraft.img” (D drive images).
    Now, in my Diable game profile, I mount Win95.img as C, and 2GB_MM6_Diablo.img as D
    In my Age of Empires 2 profile, I mount Win95.img as C, and 2GB_AoE1_AoE2.img as D
    In my Starcraft profile, I mount Win95.img as C, and 2GB_RedAlert_Starcraft.img as D
    You get the idea. ?

    This way, I have my individual game controls setup, along with the correct HD image containing my game files.

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