Google Play and Android 11+ devices

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    Long story short

    Google introduced storage restrictions for devices with android 11+. It means, Google blocks direct access to file system and all developers must use slow Storage Access Framework if they want store data files on public location. Google allows direct files access only in private application folder. However, this location is automatically deleted with everything inside if the user uninstalls application. So…working with our dos games on public storage like before is really necessary.

    Here is lite version compliant with this google’s stupidity (or here). It manages public storage with SAF. Please, help me to test it, after testing it will go to google play store.

    How to test:
    Specifically, making save, following with load is good test.

    Because of how the SAF works, everyone should update absolute paths to relative. Magic Dosbox introduced special variable which is part of paths.

    For example:
    In welcome screen you must now setup path to your games, let ‘s say it is /storage/emulated/0/Games. Then this command :

    mount c: “/storage/emulated/0/Games/dos”

    must be updated to:

    mount c: “<games>/dos”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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