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    Al ex

    Version 1.0

    Uploaded 2017-05-17

    Download v1.0
    Created on a Galaxy S7 Edge, so this should work nicely on every 16:9 resolution smartphone/phablet/small tablet.

    At first, I only created this layout because the game is unplayable in ScummVM. Try to win a bike fight in ScummVM, and you know what I mean. But as it turned out, it’s acutally much better playable in Magic Dosbox. The absolute mouse emulation works perfectly, and with a little automization, this UI allows for a much more fluent gameplay.

    You’ll have to adjust settings: I’m using Expert settings, so you might want to change this. And the mountings point to my own game directory, that will definitely be another one on your device.

    Controls go like this:

    – Tap screen for left mouse click
    – Tap & hold to display the interaction icon (punch, kick, talk, look)
    – Double tap to zoom, double tap again to zoom out
    – Swipe up/down to show/hide the built-in Magic Dosbox keyboard
    – Swipe left/right is mapped to “Esc”. I’ve chosen to also display the Esc key on the right, but sometimes it’s more convenient to just swipe.
    – Press “System” to change text speed, load/save, or display the built-in Magic Dosbox journal function
    – Press “Bike Fight” to show/hide the fight controls: Left / Right Arrow (displayed as motorcycles handle icons), and “Enter” (displayed as fist punch icon)
    If you like, you can also use the existing in-game icon, or re-arrange stuff. I simply chose this layout because it resembles the GTA series for Android controls, which should be widely known. ?

    Motorcycle ride with normal controls:

    Motorcycle ride with fight controls (shortly before I beat the sucker up 😉 ):

    Default ingame view:

    Save/Load screen with “System” icons:

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