Free fantasy Icon bundle for layouts.


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    This seemed like the closest place to share these?

    This is a bundle of various textures I created for some other projects of mine, and I realized they could come in handy here too for I like the pixel art style buttons with older games. I give permission to use them for custom layouts for magic dosbox.

    An image displaying pixelated graphics of various items from sacks to spell bolts to flowers.
    There are currently 70 textures mostly focused on potions/spells and other smaller knick-knacks like food, plants and arrows.
    Later may be expanded to include more stuff or the same stuff in different styles.
    Link to file download

    Al ex

    Wow, beautiful icons. Thank you very much for sharing! 🙏


    Omg…finally! I was waiting for this years. Really beautiful and many many thanks!


    Eyy, glad y’all like it.
    I’ll probably post notifications here whenever I update it with more images.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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