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    I got a copy of the paid version, and have been setting up various games. So far, everything runs great. Your interface blows away Turbo. Since this seems to be the theme of what you’re doing here, I had a minor suggestion to ease play for some games.

    A couple of the games I set up, like Jill of the Jungle, or Dungeon of the Unforgiven, have a pause screen before the game starts that confirms settings for the game, requiring one or two specific keys. I don’t like having to make a widget to navigate this, or bring up the keyboard.

    If we could have a deadly strike set to fire when the game is loaded, it could wait the appropriate time until the screen is prepared for input, then get you past it.

    Obviously not a bug or glitch, just a minor suggestion.



    Thank you for support and suggestion. Truly this idea is good and I wanted to implement that in September, but I was busy with other things. Soon will go out version 33 and for version 34 I have exact plans, but maybe if things will go fast and without problems then I will look at this. Else in version 35…This feature can really skip annoying into or so.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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