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    Hello! I’m new to using MagicDosbox. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I loaded a few games on it watching tutorials and they work very well.

    There are a few Games that I just can’t find the way to load them. I hope someone can help me. Maybe even add some simple tutorial on how to make thise simple games work.

    I’m talking about all those Fan games made for PC that you can still find on old blogs.
    Every time I try loading in different ways those Kind of games it tells me
    ‘ This game is made for running on Win32. ‘
    And I can’t get over it.
    Just can’t make them run.

    For example there is this really cool project of a game called MushroomKingdomFusion
    Basically it’s a fusion of a lot of Games.
    The game project is amazingly still going on.
    I used to play it on PC and I would really like to have it running on Android phone.

    If someone wants to try loading it… An makes it work. Please add comment and let me know how you did it! ?

    Here is the link to the website with the last release file and patch (that corrects some bugs) .

    Al ex

    Welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “This game is made for running on Win32.” means exactly what it says: it’s a Windows game, most likely Win95 or Win98. It cannot be run in a DOS environment. So you’ll have to install Windows 95 in Dosbox (tricky). No guarantees it’ll work then, of course, Win9x support in Dosbox is highly experimental.


    Hello thanks you for replying!
    ?.. Ah…
    I was shore it could run on it.
    Damn! I thought some simple windows games could run on dosbox.
    Do you know if there is any other way to emulate those kind of games?
    Maybe even an other emulator!? ?
    I have a few games I would like to run.

    Win9x? What is win9x? Is it a light version of win95 extension for dosbox!?
    How can I try running it!?

    I mean it’s OK even if it’s experimental, the worst that will happen is that it doesn’t load… Right!??

    I would still like to try….
    Or do I have to load a full windows95 sistem on dosbox to do this!?
    Hope there is some other way. I mean I don’t think I could do that on Android.
    Wouldn’t it be to heavy for the phone?



    Looking for emulators for windows 95 e 98 games I only found this… An it’s not a finished project. ?

    Al ex

    Well, it might be possible, but you’ll have to setup Win95 in Dosbox. There’s a video tutorial here on the website.
    It’s rather difficult though, and for legal reasons (it’s still protected by copyright), Win95 can’t be distributed with Dosbox.

    “Win9x” simply means “either Win95 or Win98”. ?


    Imade it ยกยก!!
    I tried an it does work. ๐Ÿ™‚
    tAkes less space then i thought!
    But the screen is small even in landscape .
    tHe mouse dragging is laggy an distant from the actual zone u need to click . Native mouse works better but still laggy.
    it’s not worth playing a game on it.
    Could be usefull for running some programs .
    i mean if there is some way to zoom the screen an on the vm zone where i want to work without messing the mouse an keybord then it would be playble.
    An It would be more easy for other use too.
    dO you know if there is such function on the 1000 dosbox functions. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ELse ,I think i will wait that emulators for Win an other OS gett better.
    An keep playing my Dos games on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Al ex

    Glad you got it working! ?
    In fact, what’s so special about Magic Dosbox is that it offers a ton of options and widgets with all sorts of additionak functions. What you’re looking for in particular is manual mouse correction, and the telescope widget.


    Yea! I’m happy I got it running. ?
    Since it looks like it’s stable an doesn’t have crashes i’ll keep trying.
    How do I find and add the additional functions? ?
    Do you maybe know alsow how to load properly a virtual shared folder for the VM.
    I tried 98 sistem because it supports lot of games from 95/98 an xp
    I can’t find any topic on how to load the virtualfolders…. ?
    I need it to load games an programs on.

    I just realized I added the wrong link for the game at the start. So I changed it an put the right game link. If you are interested to see what game I wanted to load…

    Al ex

    Once you’ve launched your game/Windows image, press the back button for more options, especially “Add virtual buttons” for all the widgets.

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