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    Is the best i can hope for is a 486 ? Or is it device based ? Like in the pc builds, your actual processor=target emulated processor. theoretically i think this device should fall in between the 1st and 2nd gen pentium mmx, is that attainable ? Im not sure what a pentium slow is supposed to be ….386 prefetch? Its a snapdragon 805 soc 2.7ghz the list i saw put the 800 2.2ghz at 1st gen (pentium 75-90mhz).i guess i want to know if there is a processor limitation set by software or if it can emulate up to whatever thehardware is capable of ?

    Al ex

    Yes, you can emulate whatever your device is capable of.
    But don’t expect too much from the Snapdragon 805. I’ve got an old Note 4 with SD 805, and the best I can get is something between a P75 and a P90. Snapdragons are bad when it comes to emulators in general, and Dosbox in particular. It’s something Qualcomm did to the cpu structure, so it simply doesn’t show the performance you’d expect from a 2.7 GHz device.

    The Exynos 8890 in my S7 edge (2.6 GHz) is almost 3x as fast. Depending on the benchmark used, it emulates something between a Pentium MMX 233 MHz and an AMD K6 333 MHz. It can run Doom with up to ~130.000 cycles, for example, while the Note 4 couldn’t do more than ~50.000.

    I’ve recorded a comparison benchmark, both devices running full speed, with performance governor enabled: https://youtu.be/Lwt6qjveiT0


    Im trying the sims 1 and it requires the cpu to be a pentium or it just wont start. With processor=pentium it works but crashes when loading ( still trying to figure out why ).

    I recall seeing processor=PENTIUM_SLOW on some .mgc … does this exist? why? what other proccesors can be typed aside the ones that appear on the guide when you create a custom config?

    Al ex

    Not quite sure atm, there were some changes recently. You can try cputype=pentium_slow, or pentium_mmx.
    These are my cpu settings, working e.g with Commandos, Diablo 2, or Half-Life:

    cycles=max 105%


    Got mechwarrior 3 running pretty well at 320X240. Movies and cuts scenes lag video and slightly audio. Also the in game voices are really soft (training instructor and such)and i get this bizarre garbled screech when loading from cd . I assume its fixed with no cd but the load screen and movies are gone so i dont know .


    pentium_mmx doesnt work with dynamic cpu at least it doesnt show as one in system settings it just says pentium til you put on normal . Auto shows up as a 486.

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