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    Hello. I’ve bought the Dungeon Mapper (DM) app associated with the Magic Dosbox (MDB). There’s no forum for it, so I’m posting my questions here.

    1. Is there any manual for the app? I understand most of the functionality, but there are some issues I need clarified.

    === MDB Itegration ===

    I’m trying to use the DM for the Eye of The Beholder (EOB) automapping. I’ve overlayed the DM arrows over the EOB arrows.

    2. When you bump into a wall, the sync between EOB and DM gets broken. Therefore I added the undo button into EOB, but I have to press it twice in order to get back on sync. Is this the way how this is supposed to be used?

    === The editor ===

    3. Favorites are always empty. How do I add any element there?

    4. In the Foreground images, there is a button in the top right corner that allows to change the image upon rotation. How is this supposed to be used? I expected that when I choose e.g a Path image and would walk with the Pivot, the path would rotate and fill in corners automatically. But it doesn’t work this way. It simply chooses the next image at the left or right upon any rotation to the left or right. I don’t know how to use it effectively.

    5. What is the Colorizer for? I see no difference with the Images menu.


    Hi, first, thank you for support. I created now forum for Dungeon Mapper and I moved your question here. It’s better this way.

    I finished new version and I do documentation videos. Next week it should all go out. Sorry, that docs are not out sooner. It’s terrible lot of work at once. I am happy for your feedback, I did things like I felt that is best, but I am sure it can be improved.

    1. Initial manual will be youtube videos, it will go out in next days.

    2. You are right. Back button is the correct way. Magic Dosbox does not know that there is a wall. These two steps are : pivot step + resource placing. I was not sure what is better, having two back steps or only one step. I was waiting on feedback. If it is issue I can rewrite it to do only one step.

    3. Okay, seems it could be better. Select resource, style it like you want (add color, rotate etc.. – resulted look is on the right, on the layer panel). Then long press on the layer. “Star” and “Delete” should appear. Move it to star.

    4. ah okay. It was not meant this way. Button with rotate icon only rotates selected resource, it is additional button to flip buttons. This rotation is not bind to pivot. Pivot does not rotate resource based on it’s direction. BUT, it’s good idea, I can add this functionality. I must think about this implementation. Just now are foregrounds/background resources only plain resources. And path will need a special type if we want more from it.

    The resources what I used with pivot were always squares from “backgrounds”, maybe with enabled “random” (cube icon), so it took some random resource from collection (to not have always same texture).

    Well, I like it, I will add it.

    5. Colorizer ? I am not sure what you mean. Maybe you think “Colorized” on square (foregrounds/backgrounds) layer panel. White resources which can be placed on map with different colors.


    Thanks for prompt response.

    Good timing :-). I didn’t know that DM is a new program. I haven’t played with MDB for several years, and now when I returned, I saw there DM witgets. But it took me a long time to find the app, not even GooglePlay was able to find it, at first.

    ad 2. I have placed two undo buttons on top each other. However I do not know how would this work if DM is not in edit mode.

    6. MDB doesn’t recognise if DM is in edit mode. Worse, if DM is in edit mode but a widget is being edited, the autotracking still doesn’t work.

    ad 4. There are five buttons at top right of the Images dialog: The left most one is a rotation, but I meant the rightmost one. If this button is pressed, the image being placed changes with the Pivot rotation. But I wasn’t able to figure out what was this meant for.

    Ad 5. Yes, Colorized. It looks like icons in the Widgets menu, but their color cannot be changed.

    7. Allow to change color of the Icons in the Widgets menu. Their text color can be changed, but not the color of the icon itself.


    >Good timing :-).
    haha, yes, it’s there only 1 month. Google play still did not index it, I don’t know. Probably it needs more views.

    >ad 2. I have placed two undo buttons on top each other. However I do not know how would this work if DM is not in edit mode.
    Interesting. I think it can work, but you must edit the top most and in it’s settings set “non-blocking” to true. This let’s touch event bubble to widget below and trigger it too.

    >6. MDB doesn’t recognise if DM is in edit mode
    It’s one way, MDB sends broadcast events to visible DM. Invisible DM does not receive broadcasts. But I don’t understand well what you mean or what you try to do. Maybe it can be easily fixed. Can you describe situation?

    >ad 4. There are five buttons at top right of the Images dialog: The left most one is a rotation, but I mean
    Ah ok. There is situation. And exactly it was made for paths or columns, however not for pivot. Example: you draw straight path (f.e from left to right). With finger you select resource for horizontal path and draw. Then you want to change the direction. You can go to collection and select new resource. Or (if this button is pushed) you can tap on the same place several times and it will loop over path resources, from currently selected to the right. It exactly does two things:

    1. tells the engine that currently placed resource is temporary, does not stack and can be replaced with next tap. You can combine it with random button. Moving to other tile confirms this one.
    2. if random button is not pushed down then it loops collection from currently selected to the right. If random button is pushed down then it randomly picks resource from collection.

    5 + 7. I found it few days ago, it is fixed. This affects default icons. If you change to other icon then colors should work. But you must be in “widget edit mode”. You can get there this way:

    Tap on the widget layer. Pick widget and place it on the screen. Now you can :

    1. tap on the widget and press icon button. It starts widget edit mode.
    2. long press on the placed widget (if you are in main edit mode) and it starts widget edit mode too.

    I think about publishing beta today, so you can check actual version.


    Ad 2. Exactly, this is how I did it in order to force undo twice on one touch/click.

    Ad 6. Aha, I didn’t know this works using events, I thought a REST API is being called or something like that.
    In this case, the events could be send even in the opposite direction, from DM to MDB, couldn’t they? As both DM and MDB are your apps.

    What I meant in 6.: While playing EOB, I set up automapping using the DM widgets in MDB. In order for the map to be drawn automatically, DM must be in edit mode, otherwise the Pivot is just walking, not drawing. But the edit mode is not sufficient. If I forget to close editing of (e.g.) a location widget in DM, the Pivot stops moving and the drawing doesn’t work. This happened many times to me.

    Ad 4. Ok, thanks for the explanation. As I said, it also reacts on Pivot rotations.
    My idea was to let Pivot draw the paths not at the Background level, but at the Foreground level using path tiles. It would be cool if DM was able to bend paths properly, and/or replace cross sections with proper tiles.

    Ad 5+7. In the current version it doesn’t work. I do not know how to install beta. In every case, I hope installing beta wouldn’t delete my maps!


    Yes, DM implements BroadcastReceiver and MDB uses Context.sendBroadcast(i); It should be possible use it in both way.

    Hm, yes, in play mode it only walks. In main edit mode it draws. In widget edit mode it does nothing. Okay I can copy pivot there too

    >Ad 4
    yes, I can add it. Just flag to database and then some logic, just now I don’t see big complications.

    I will upload beta to google play, you will not loose your maps. And there is function for export by the way, however import from app is not implemented:) This is on Todo, just now backup must be copied manually.


    AD Restore: I suppose, DM stores the maps in Android/data. This directory is normally not accessible by any normal means. Perhaps Windows + enabled developer options + usb cable would be necessary? I haven’t tried that, yet.


    Older android version can access android/data without issues using total commander. Android 13+ can’t. PC and usb cable is necessary. I must implement it as soon as possible. All these restrictions slows down development.


    I uploaded version for internal testing with your email which you used for registration. I send you on this email additional info.

    EDIT : Allright, the pivot in widget edit mode is implemented. Tomorrow I will do more tests and will release another beta.

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