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    Threin Fhir

    Here’s my go at making a layout for Dune. It’s intended for phones, but would probably work for anything.

    MGC Download

    The controls are hidden on start, so you can enjoy the intro. Just swipe up or down to reveal and hide them.
    The numbers corespond to the available options on the menu, and I enlarged the directional arrows for movement. The book will bring up an info index. The two little squares will allow you to talk to the two members traveling with you. The Android home menu will disappear as well.

    Threin Fhir

    Forgot to mention, the controls are hidden on start. Swipe up or down to bring them up, and the Android home buttons will hide.


    Perfect! Many thanks 🙂

    Please can you add small description of your layout, what buttons does, for people who never played dune 1


    This profile and the Civilization one both cause a crash when touching the screen, is it working for everyone else?

    Edit/ I hadn’t updated for some reason, it’s working fine now.


    Hi all,

    unfortunately, the link is down.
    Can someone reupload it please ?

    Thank You !

    Al ex

    Must’ve been temporary. I just tried, and was able to download the file just fine. 🙂👍

    Threin Fhir

    Yeah, sorry about that. It’s been down for some time. I reupped it.


    Hi Threin Fhir.

    Just wanna say merci beaucoup !
    Just started the thing on my phone to recognize how much i missed the game
    and how good your layout is.
    On a real PC you had to walk without WASD or cursor keys, this is kinda
    level up with MagicBox in combination with your layout.

    @Al_ex. Thank you, too !!!
    You are heroes, to keep dreams of my childhood alive !


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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