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    hi there, i have a question if you could make a seperate build with DOSBox-X as a base? The dev of it asking for an Android build target here if you guys could cooperate together that would be awesome. DOSBox-X try to support Win9x emulation and have a lot of other benefits wich would be good to have on Android.

    Al ex

    Neat idea. I doubt it will happen, but those enhanced 3rd party builds (if done properly) make Dosbox really a lot better. Personally I’m using DOSBox ECE on my PC (


    it could help with this since it support
    “Support for long filenames and FAT32 disk images (DOS 7+ features)”
    here are some cool features of DOSBox-X that is still really active in development.
    Also since modern phones are powerfull, maybe a 3dfx voodoo emulation could be used in software? I would test that out if possible.

    Notable features in DOSBox-X
    Although based on the DOSBox project, DOSBox-X is now a separate project because both have their own separate schedules and development priorities. For example, the main focus of DOSBox is for running DOS games whereas DOSBox-X goes way beyond this. At this time DOSBox-X already has a great number of features that do not exist in DOSBox. Examples of such features include:

    GUI menu bar and built-in graphical configuration tool

    Save and load state support (with up to 100 save slots)

    Japanese NEC PC-98 mode emulation

    Better compatibility with DOS applications

    Support for more DOS commands and built-in external tools

    Support for CPU types like Pentium Pro and MMX instructions

    Support for IDE interfaces and improved Windows 3.x/9x emulation

    Support for long filenames and FAT32 disk images (DOS 7+ features)

    Support for TrueType font (TTF) output for text-mode DOS programs

    Support for printing features, either to a real or to a virtual printer

    Support for 3dfx Voodoo chip and Glide emulation (including Glide wrapper)

    Support for cue sheets with FLAC, MP3, WAV, OGG Vorbis and Opus CD-DA tracks

    Support for FluidSynth MIDI synthesizer and Innovation SSI-2001 emulation

    Support for NE2000 Ethernet for networking and modem phone book mapping

    Support for features such as V-Sync, overscan border and stereo swapping

    Plus many more..

    While the great majority of features in DOSBox-X are cross-platform, DOSBox-X does also have several notable platform-dependent features, such as support for automatic drive mounting, Direct3D output and starting programs to run on the host (-winrun) on the Windows platform. These features cannot be easily ported to other platforms. More information about DOSBox-X’s features can be found in DOSBox-X’s Feature Highlights page in the DOSBox-X Wiki.

    DOSBox-X officially supports both SDL 1.2 and SDL 2.0; both 32-bit and 64-bit builds are also supported.


    Yes, I totally agree. I wish dosbox-x was available on Android, or as a magic dosbox base.


    You know, this is very very hard task. Porting emulator with so many features bounds to desktop OS with x86 cpu and fpu, to plundered mobile system with different cpu and fpu architecture, with missing hardware (always available on desktop), limited access to resources and more restrictive with every version takes a lot of time which can be spend on something better. I am sure you must give up many features in favor of success.


    Dosbox-x is cross-platform including supports 32-bit and 64-bit arm cpu, dosbox-x also has several platform-dependent features, and for android it is possible to remove unsupported features.


    @admin maybe not porting dosbox-x to android on your own and use magic frontend, but help the guys making their own android build… and see how it would evolve? maybe some kind of cooperation could be happen


    I tried dosbox-x on arm64 laptop with linux. I was interested in win9x emulation and i found big issue. Dynamic core is the key to run dosbox on mobile, however in dosbox-x it is bugged. It starts as dynamic, but almost immediatelly is switched to normal core. And this is unusable.

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