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    Hi again,

    Sooo… since i know that most android apps are using only one core on a multicore system and since my nvidia shield tablet has 4 cores… how many cores is magic dosbox using or able to use?

    I’m tweaking my system to use not more than 2 cores and only 50% of the cpu performance (wich is still 2x1ghz) for specific apps to save power, only bringing its full potential to work when its needed.

    Setting the cpu governor to “performance” wich makes the 4 cores run constantly at 2,2 ghz doesn’t seems to speed up dosbox in any way. (Yeah i’m trying to get NHL 97 to run smooth ;))



    Dosbox architecture allows to use one thread for dosbox core. This is because it emulates PC from ancient times, when PC’s were single threaded. Must be so. It’s different architecture then f.e sony playstation. It’s multicore from nature.

    For make things better Magic dosbox takes raw sound and raw graphics and process them on own separated thread. Dosbox core thread benefits from this action and gets better performance.

    Additional thread handles and processes input events. This makes things cleaner and blocks spamming dosbox.

    Magic Dosbox benefits from multithreaded devices – not so much like Sony Playstation emulator because of architecture, but benefits.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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