daggerfall modern rpg style.

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    download here [edit: removed broken link]

    [Edit 2: added working link provided by user Larrynho]

    hello this profile is originally alex’s daggerfall layout which is the first ive ever used from here. ive tinker it over and over to my own taste.
    this layout aims to feel closer to a modern rpg cause thats what im used to. here’s how controls work:

    movement: dpad is 8way with up,down,strafe left,strafe right. top right and top left are look right and left. while bottom left/right are strafe as well. CHOOSE mouse view in settings so you freely look anywhere. theres a crosshair cause sometimes its hard to activate levers.

    combat: click on the sword icon. 2 buttons will appear; swing is normal attack(base dmg), slash is diagonal attack(more dmg,less accurate). note i didnt put thrust and downward chop cause i dont like them hahahaha.

    magic: this is a bit complicated at first but theyll makes sense when put together. click on wand icon and 3 buttons appear. magic items is simple. CAST is actually an enter button, on double tap its the recast button. ABORT is abort spell and escape button on double tap.
    how to use: at first press spellbook, use dpad to choose and click cast, if target spell just aim and tap on screen. to spam messiles magic just double tap cast and tap on screen.NOTE: if you change the activate center to enter key in controls, you cast missiles very fast with double tap + tap of cast button

    this is controls settings.
    default and control settings

    when you press the map icon STATS, INFO and ITEMS buttons will be replaced by map, horse and fast travel buttons.
    info: is status(time and location), double tap this to open journal logs.
    horse: is transportation button with zoom view of the choices cause im lazy moving cursor to pick. when you pick (eg.foot,horse and even options like talk, room and qet quest) via zoom it will automatically vanish.
    all ui

    PRESS SWITCH UI to change to inventory and shop ui mode and mouse also becomes absolute, just press exit when you done and it will exit inventory menu as well as revert ui to normal.
    shop and inventory ui


    Thanks for sharing !

    Im liking it a lot, love your attack implementetion, simple but functional. Ive tweaked it a bit for my tastes:

    – Changed 8 directional gamepad in favor of 4 directional ( more reliable , you cant advance and turn at the same time using 8 dpad only and sometimes it conflicts with mouselook )
    – Love the crossair idea, made the background fully invisible.
    – Minimized the ingame ui since everything is accesible via widgets.
    – Tweaked ini for max 120% cicles and sb2 for better perfomance.
    – 0 frameskip and 5x filter

    Will tinker with it a bit more,but since you added the 2 attacks I most use ( normal and max damage ) I dont see the need to add many other things.

    Really really liking it!

    Al ex

    Very nice, well done!


    the .mgc file are no longer exist , would you mind re upload it?



    There ya go, I think I havent tinkered with it much , aside what Ive written above and putting my paths.

    Hope you enjoy 😀 Would have uploaded it sooner but did not saw the post.

    Al ex

    Thanks a lot! ?
    I’ve also updated the link in the original post with the one you’ve provided.


    Hello, is there any chance the file link could be updated? Thanks!

    Al ex

    Sorry, can”t find it in my phone. But Larrynho is usually around here every now and then, maybe it’s beat to wait and see. ?


    Here I am!


    Site will only host for 14 days, if anyone can upload it to a better place, will be appreciated 😀 ( zippyshare is banned in Spain atm ).

    Al ex

    Thanks a lot! ?
    I’ve uploaded it to my own Mediafire account, I don’t have any sharing restrictions there:

    Happy New Year btw! ??


    Same to you and y’all !! 😀


    Awesome, it’s working great. Thanks for re-posting the link!

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