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    This may be a very stupid question, but how do i change widget image? When I try to find my images that i want to set, I can’t see them, I saved them in one folder and when i go in there MagicBox shows nothing. They are transparent .png
    files, I made them quickly for my Doom widgets, I wanted to test few before creating others, but I can’t find them, it just doesn’t shows them…



    no this is not stupid question. This is part what still waits for improvements, but other features were more important.

    There are some restrictions. I think I wrote them in application help, but I am not sure. Custom picture must be of 192×192 pixels and lower. Picture of this size is accepted through user interface.

    You can “cheat” it, but I don’t recommend it, because working with big images is very expensive. It’s bad. You can cheat it this way : in collection.xml find ID of your game. In “Data” folder find appropriate folder based on this ID. Inside create folder “Images”. Now each your custom image must start with “user_” prefix. For example “user_saw.png”. Copy image to “Images” folder. Now you will see this image in magic dosbox.

    So you have two ways : resize images to 192×192 pixels or use “cheat”.

    But I can add simple fix to next version and will be able load pictures of any size. I will decrease size of big images in the background automatically.


    Oh, ok. That explains it. Thanks for replying. I just tried changing image resolution to 192×192 and adding it to my widget, it looks good. I will post the finished version of these widgets, they look nice to me…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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