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    Creating widgets is a bit time consuming, even if easy enough. That’s not an issue in itself, but some types of games use the same control scheme, like racing and platform. So, there could be a way to select a widget group and create a template, to make adding new games of the same genre easier, for example.

    Consider this: Stunts, F1GP, Lotus Challenge, Test Drive etc. all use left-right directionals, and gas-brake buttons. So, we could place these four buttons on screen in one game, save the group, and then use that group on all the other racing games, changing only the assigned keys for each one. That saves a lot of effort of positioning and styling the widgets. The same could be said for platform games (directional, jump and fire, for example).


    Hi, currently you can duplicate game profile, it copies all widgets. But having templates is good ideam I will think about it. In the past I did “widget importer” from one profile to another, I did not used it long time, maybe there is something broken after all these updates, but you can check it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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