Could anyone tell me how to install Windows 98SE on Magic Dosbox?

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    Sixteen Handles

    I’ve searched the internet for a few days now, and i cannot find any tutorial that works for installing windows 98 to magic dosbox.

    So far i: mount the iso in the gui, open
    MDosbox, the “cd” does not autorun, so i type:


    And it sticks at something like

    “Setup is about to perform a routine check on your system… ‘please wait while setup initializes…’ ‘Press Enter to continue Setup… press Esc to cancel…”

    And i have to reboot since it won’t let me cancel.

    I tried typing: copy d:\win98 c:\win98

    and running setup from there, but it’s the same issue.

    Any idea? Posting here is my last resort. I haven’t found any info on the entire internet.

    Edit: I’ve followed this guide:

    But i get stopped at the mounting hdd.img as C:

    It tells me it’s already mounted as C, but it’s not.


    So i need to mount the C drive while in the Z drive, but i can’t specify any img paths while in the Z drive.

    How do i mount a img to C while in Z?

    Edit: i’ve installed windows 98se, but after 1 second it freezes at the password type in window, how to fix this?

    Edit: fixed the freezing, now windows 98se is booting up into a blank screen, i can move the cursor around but nothing’s there. Any ideas?

    Edit: i was accidentally loading f and c in the auto exec so it couldn’t find any files, i changed both drives to f and windows 98se is perfect now.

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