Commandos – Behind Enemy Lines (Win 9x)

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    Al exAl ex

    Version 1.0

    Uploaded: 2016-10-05


    – You’ll need your own Win9x installation, and either the Commandos iso file, or the GOG version. If you’ve never used Win9x in Dosbox, head over to this site first, and read the guide. Then read it again. And again. Then, and only then, try to set things up. Trust me, it’ll save you hours of trouble.?
    – And you’ll need an extremely powerful phone. My Snapdragon Note 4 was not capable of running this game even at lowest resolution!
    – Swipe up/down to hide/show the built-in Magic Dosbox keyboard.
    – Two point tap is used for right click.
    – At boot, Win95 is usually running at 640×480 (at least my installation); therefore, the mouse is set to relative mode, so you can launch the game easily. On the other hand, I’ve found the best compromise between speed and playability to be in 800×600.
    – Therefore, I’ve added a “800×600 resolution switch” button. DO NOT PRESS THIS BEFORE COMMANDOS HAS LAUNCHED!
    Instead, wait for the Commandos main menu to appear, then press the button. It will do the following:
    Navigate through the menus (2xarrow down + Enter, 2xarrow down + Enter, 2xarrow down + Enter), to set 800×600. Afterwards, it will switch to absolute mouse mode, and reset the mouse, so it’s properly aligned; lastly, the widget will auto hide.
    – Mouse Mode can be switched at any time through the “System” menu widget at the top left; this widget opens a pop-up menu that will also allow quick save, quick load etc.
    – All actions can be accessed by tapping the ingame UI icons; I’ve mapped some to the right for easier access.
    – The rest should be self-explanatory

    Default ingame screen:

    Ingame screen with “Game Menu” and “Unit Control 1” widgets:

    Ingame screen with “Cycle Buildings” and “Unit Control 2” widgets:

    Ingame screen in zoom mode (compare to the other screenshots!):


    Perfect Alex, damn this looks so good! I must give it a try!


    How’s the performance? I have an nvidia shield. Assuming pretty decent?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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