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    New to all this and trying to figure out how to set a size allotment parameter for Magic Dosbox. I can’t seem to find any type of information on this or I’m blind. I’ve figured that using a standard dosbox -freespace would work but it’s not booting into setup for me as a result when I try to get Fallout working



    You are not blind, GUI is missing this setup. But in expert settings you can use it freely. However, correct comand is freesize, not freespace

    Z:\>MOUNT C C:\DOSGAMES -freesize 1024


    Thanks. I dunno if I was blind looking around the site, but I was unable to find a list of parameters so started looking towards dosbox commands in hopes they used similar ones. Been trying to get Fallout on my phone as per your video insturctions but I wanted to open up the available memory to plant the humongous install on the C:\ drive

    thanks for the help


    my question is directly related. i set freespace, dosbox accepts the setting (well, not sure. it does not deliver error message)but i go to install Daggerfall and it insist i do not have enough space on the drive. im sure there is but i have an external sdcard so i attempted the same thing, and got the same results using the command install /u the game installs but when i go to launch it it generates error 0 and quits. i have been trying for days to play. i have editted the z.cfg to no avail. no youtube videos have a working answer. they all just say set 1000mb of freespace and edit tye stupid z.cfg file. this is very frustrating as it is the reason i purchased this software. i would have to rate the user experience as poor .


    Mobbin I cannot tell you why, but for me Daggerfall worked perfectly fine: I downloaded the lastest patched yadda yadda version that Bethesda released for free, installed it on my pc, transferred the files to my sd card nad it worked without issue from day one.

    From this link:

    16 October 2017
    157 MB
    DaggerfallSetup is a ready-to-play Daggerfall install compatible with modern Windows Systems originally compiled by Ancestral Ghost, now maintained by Daneel53. The game already includes patch 1.07.213 and the official CompUSA Special Edition quest pack and DOSBox. Unofficial fixes, quests, translations and utilities are also included as optional installation components. Current release is DaggerfallSetup 2.14.1. More details here : (DaggerfallSetup Web Site)


    Al ex

    @Mobbin I’ve just downloaded the game from Bethesda’s dl page, followed the installation instructions in the included pdf file, and installation worked fine. Make sure to do everything exactly as described there, and double check your mountings. Also, if you’re trying to install to an external sd, request write permissions in Magic Dosbox general settings.


    Fixed in last version. Now button on right side to main program or setup can control -freesize

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