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    I just found Magic Dos Box and I LOVE it. This is a wonderful program. It’s letting me use an old dos program that I wrote ages ago in Turbo Pascal. 🙂

    One thing that I am confused on. I can add special keys to the layout and save them, that works just fine. But I want the keyboard to be there automatically every time I start this particular program. Right now, I can’t find any way to do that. I can hit back, and select the keyboard and it appears. But to save the layout, I have to hit back again, and that makes the keyboard disappear. So I can’t save the layout with the keyboard visible.

    How can I set up this one layout so that as soon as I click the shortcut, not only my special keys appear, but the keyboard pops up automatically.

    Again, thank you for an absolutely WONDERFUL program!

    Al ex

    Try this:

    Info: that’s a simple Deadly Strike widget with Black Magic function. Deadly Strike is a batch widget, Black Magic applies special functionalities. The naming comes from the playful default Fantasy theme, it’s different when you chose Standard theme. ?

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Enter Design mode (press back key, “Add virtual buttons”)

    2. Long tap screen, chose “Deadly Strike” widget

    3. Tap this newly created widget, then tap the small red quill in the pop-up menu window

    4. Scroll down, check “Run at start”, then tap the “+” button

    5. Select “Black Magic”

    6. Tap the newly created Black Magic entry, then select either keyboard or Dosbox keyboard.

    7. Move the icon via drag and drop, and rename / change font and background color etc. to your liking

    8. Save layout, restart

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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