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    A very simple control system for an infuriating but excellent game, so a fairly simple overlay.
    The GOG version also comes with Jack in the Dark, so there’s a trimmed version for that.

    MGC Files

    Alone in the Dark

    Jack in the Dark

    This version :
    – toggle a transparent game pad, plus extra arrows for forward+turn
    – a Run toggle key (cos it’s a pain to get character to actually run in the game)
    – Green keys prime the standard non-inventory item actions
    – Top green key with white text toggles between the default House and Underground actions
    – Red key performs all selected actions (hit, open, search, jump etc)
    – Black buttons send ESC, Enter

    AITD : House

    AITD : Automated running mode

    Underground (Changed green keys)

    JITD : Shop
    This one the green keys do the stated action.

    Running :
    – Even in the original game with a keyboard running was a bit tricky.
    – Run button sends correctly timed keystrokes and changes button appearance to show Run is enabled
    – Character runs until stopped, use the left / right arrows to turn while running (not forward arrows).
    – Tap Run again to stop
    Running means the up arrow is being sent permanently to the DOS game, so if you find an object and get a dialog or just open up the menu you’ll need to stop running to be able to interact with it.

    This also works for Alone in the Dark 2, but the green actions will need either editting or removing as they are different.


    thank you, I want play this game long time, i was lazy create layout 😉


    I noticed that you do not have enabled svn core nor “aspect=true” in normal core, this is fix for wrong aspect in game


    Thanks, I’ll remember to set those in future!

    I’d originally set the aspect ratio using display in the Magic DosBox MGC settings in in the menu, never thought to do it natively. Useful as I think all DOS games were designed for 4:3 monitors anyway.

    Does SVN core run the emulator faster? Anything to help my budget smartphone would be good!

    Al ex

    Actually, SVN is a little slower. That’s not a Magic Dosbox issue in particular, but some of the recent changes to the Dosbox caused this. Even on Windows/Linux, though it’s not really noticeable on desktop cpus.

    For speedup, try using cycles=110%, or cycles=120% (that’s the limit, I think). And on weaker phones, set prebuffer=0. That helped on my old Note 4 (Snapdragon) at least, while it didn’t make a difference on my newer phones (S7 edge, S9+, both Exynos).

    Very nice layout btw, I like the design of your keys. ?


    I think svn is a bit faster still, no? Svn was slower when mdosbox was synchronized with release 4180 in beta of break version, but it was fixed

    Al ex

    My bad, it was the recent sync that impaired emulation speed. Currently, svn and normal core should be about the same speed-wise.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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