Age of Empires (Windows 9x)

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    Al ex

    Version 1.0

    Uploaded: 2016-08-30


    – You’ll need your own Win9x installation, and AoE iso files. If you’ve never used Win9x in Dosbox, head over to this site first, and read the guide. Then read it again. And again. Then, and only then, try to set things up. Trust me, it’ll save you hours of trouble.?
    – Swipe left/right to trigger Mouse Reset, swipe up/down to hide/show the UI.
    – Double tap is mapped to the new Telescope (zoom) function. This one is simply brilliant! Double tap anywhere to zoom the screen in by 50%, do what you have to do, then double tap again to zoom out again. This is working so well, it’s utterly amazing!?
    – Therefore, only two point tap is used for right click. On the Windows 95/98 desktop, it’s a bit tedious to start the game (right click the icon instead of double tapping, then click “Open”), but I think the benefit of the double-tap-to-zoom is worth it. If you don’t like it, simply uncheck double tap zoom in “Gestures” options. You can still use the normal Telescope widget instead, if you like.
    – There are *lots* of widgets in this layout (47, if I counted correctly). Most of them are hidden automatically a second after the profile is stared (that’s the magic of the Deadly Strike widget…)?
    – The widgets are not labelled with Magic Dosbox’s label function. It’s very good, but I felt it was more convenient to insert all that text on a real computer in Photoshop.?
    – The four ingame menu buttons (Unit Control 1 & 2, Game Menu, Cycle Buildings) are Deadly Strike widgets. Each opens (and closes again) a set of 8-9 single widgets.
    – Each menu button also closes its neighbour’s widgets, to prevent overlapping. Example: you tap “Unit Control 2”, assign a number to a group (Ctrl+1), then tap “Unit Control 1”. This will close all widgets related to “Unit Control 2”. So when you tap “Unit Control 1” once more to close it, the widgets of “Unit Control 2” will already be hidden, too. This saves you some tedious tapping, and it’s pretty cool that you can do such things with Magic Dosbox.?
    – Mouse Reset also exists as a button. It’s needed quite frequently, so it doesn’t hurt to have it twice.
    – Mouse Mode switches between relative and absolute mouse. At first boot, AoE starts up in 800×600, which can mess up your mouse if you’re running Win95/98 in 640×480 (as I do). Simply set one of the two to match the other’s resolution, set manual mouse correction to 800×640 if you go for the higher resolution, and you’re fine.
    – All the rest should be pretty self-explanatory.

    Default ingame screen:

    Ingame screen with “Game Menu” and “Unit Control 1” widgets:

    Ingame screen with “Cycle Buildings” and “Unit Control 2” widgets:

    Ingame screen in zoom mode (compare to the other screenshots!):


    Hi, I threw the mgc file with Age Of Empires game, I also edited the mgc file but it does not open at boot c. Can you tell me how to run Age Of Empires?

    Al ex

    you need to have a working Windows 9x installation, plus the game.
    In my case, I’m running Win95 on c.img, mounted as drive C:, and AoE on an additional image, mounted as drive D:.
    The mgc file provides the control scheme for the game, but you’ll have to setup Win9x yourself. ?


    I already play Fallout 2. It’s okay with AOE and Windows 95, but as I said, when I press the AOE in the emulator, it stays on boot c. I guess it’s what you want to say to drive the AOE img printer to drive d?

    Example: storage / emulated / 0 / AOE.img

    Is that so?

    Al ex

    Take a look at the Expert settings. You have to edit them anyway. It doesn’t matter how you have installed Win95 and AoE, as long as it’s working. If you have e.g. installed both on a single image file, it’s perfectly okay. But you’ll have to adjust the -size parameter, because your image will have a different size than mine, if both Windows and AoE fit onto it.

    If Dosbox is stuck on “boot c”, it’s usually a sign that the -size values are wrong. Here are the correct values for different hdd image sizes:

    32MB: 512,63,16,520
    256MB: 512,63,16,520
    512MB: 512,63,32,520
    1GB: 512,63,64,520
    2GB: 512,63,64,1023

    If you want the according empty hdd images, get them here.

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