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    Here’s a few random suggestions. I don’t know how hard these would be to implement.

    Allow Double Strike via Swipes. I want to hit an arrow key 2-4 times with a swipe, or change left/right mouse buttons with a swipe (I currently do this in Ultima 7 in which you can press H to do it, so I set the swipes to H, but not all games have a button for this).

    Have a button able to hit two keys simultaneously (useful for hitting two arrow keys at once).

    On the Widget editing floating window (the one that lets you resize and move widgets), put the Help icon on the first level as well (it’s currently only on the second level). That’ll make it a lot easier to find. I had no idea what those buttons were for a while, except the arrows. It is not intuitive. Maybe also have some text appear under the window when you tap something telling you what that button you just hit is.

    Ability to copy widgets over to another game, preferably without overwriting the widgets already in that game. I’m currently doing this through the XML, which is a pain (but less of a pain than recreating them all manually; fortunately I don’t have to do it a lot).

    Add an option in the GUI for “aspect=true” under [Render] so I can prevent some games from stretching out to 16:9 (or whatever ratio this tablet is). I’m currently using Expert Commands to do this on certain games (Utlima 5) so I can put buttons in the blank margins, but using Expert Commands overrides the other settings I changed in the GUI. I might someday use this option to avoid characters looking fat, too. Some games seem to do it automatically (Warcraft 2).


    Hi, thank you for valuable suggestions

    I was thinking about to add deadly strike to swipes, but did not found any good reason for that. But switching between left/right mouse sounds good

    >Have a button able to hit two keys simultaneously (useful for hitting two arrow keys at once).
    I can modify key widget. Currently you can set there two keys, but are used for double tap if they are both checked. I can add flag for switching between double tap/fire both once

    >put the Help icon on the first level as well
    Hmm, I know that it could be much better to have it on first level. Problem is that there is no place and dialog is designed for every screen size. Adding new column will make troubles on small screens. So every suggestion here is welcomed.

    >Ability to copy widgets over to another game
    Yes, this is on to-do list for version 26-28

    >Add an option in the GUI for “aspect=true”
    Screen size options in general settings was not useful?




    For the help button, on the second level there’s a space between the duplicate and bag buttons that seems to be unused (if it is used for something, I haven’t seen it yet). You could move one of the multi-select buttons off level 1 onto level 2 and that would free up a space. I don’t know if you want to keep that open for a future feature, though. Maybe just swap a multi-select button from level 1 with the help button?

    Changing aspect modes in Resize under General Settings doesn’t make a difference on my tablet. I have two options: Full Screen and Fit Screen, and they both do the same thing. It probably works on other devices, but not mine. Having aspect=true under [Render] fixes the aspect ratio, though.


    Yes, I want add new options in the future for advanced operations like export/import selected widgets. Maybe I can add this to empty space.

    But I got one idea how to deal with help button. I can remove help button from second level and can create small floating button on top of the dialog in space between 3rd and 4th column. Button will overlay with first half on “align top” button and with second half on “align to width” button.

    Or maybe without complication I can place it to top-right position on every level.

    This can will be applied for both levels

    something like this :


    I can add aspect to GUI


    Hi — one suggestion I have. It would be nice to have a way to disable mouse with a single click instead of going to the general settings. There are some games like Daggerfall that use the mouse to move around — unless you have a dpad or something set up. But the mouse navigation interferes with the button layout I set up… it would be nice to be able to disable mouse altogether except when I need it. That would make navigating in Daggerfall much easier.



    thank you for suggestion. Good idea. I can add this feature to version 26. Version 25 is finished and is in latest test phase (will go out this week). Probably you want toggle disable/enable mouse?

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