8 Way Joystick Mapped to Numeric Keypad

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    Hi I’m trying to set up a voodoo control 8 way joystick to map to the numeric keypad


    Is this possible? Currently I seem only to be able to assign 4 keys and turning on diagonals doesnt work for me
    I can assign the left joystick to U D L R and the right joystick to UL UR DL DR but its a bit tricky to control


    Hi, this feature was blocked, because did not work well. I am still not sure how to fix that…4 directions works well, because on angles on circle big enough for not doing mistakes. But 8 directions offers only small portion on circle and very often you press diagonal even you wanted only normal direction. I don’t know how to prevent it.


    I also wanted to use 8 directions. For the game d/generation, with isometric graphics, where going straight means going along diagonals. I another post you mentioned something about dead zones. Don’t those work? You could enable it as an option, and if it doesn’t work, people will not use it…
    Currently I’m using “diagonals”, with numpad 9,3,7,1. (It would be nice if in choosing the keys the numpad buttons were arranged like they are on the keyboard…)
    BTW: what does the options “diagonals ON” for 4 way do?


    admin, just enable it.

    Sure it doesn’t work well when those 8-directions are used to move the character in some tile-based game, but if those 8 directions are mapped to say a flight-sim hatswitch, or for that matter to a character’s movements in a fully 3D game; then I don’t think it would matter much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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