Reply To: Touch position widget


I’m still going with the widget like this would be nice since I decide to go and and redo all the controls for my game I started to use an absolute Mouse more and since I do that I’m losing control over layers and screens and keys and stuff like that.

An example would be I click on the main screen inventory and go into it. I set the mouse so you can pop around and make your selections but going into the inventory screen I vanish the main screen so it ain’t cluttering up everything and when I exit out of the inventory I can’t bring the main screen up unless I do a pixel trap and I’m trying to use a few of those as possible cuz I’m having random pop-up issues which I get… Add more pixels..

But if there could be some kind of sensor that shows that the mouse or touch is on the exit button I could act on that without having to put a widget there besides the touch widget that would say hey I’ve been touched.

Just a thought.


Actually the more I think about it, the more impossible it seems, you’d have to actually track the in game mouse movement and I dont see that working to well…