Reply To: Installing Diablo 2


you have win95 osr2 working on 512mb big image, right? -> yes, win95 runs fine on the 512mb .img.

Cannot be your whole problem about MBR? You only copied win95 data, but system disk should be correctly formated. -> im not sure if i understand you correctly. whenever i exctracted a img with MBR i did delte the vhd inside it. and than coppied to the 2gb hdd.

Well, can you install diablo2 on pc? -> euh.. i have a question for you in this one for you as well as for @Al ex: did you need to patch diablo 2 on the win95? Because i need to patch in to run it on win10. I cant either attach the .img to VM like i do in MDOSbox becuse it cant run fat 16 (i guess thats the problem) Same goes for the “driver.img” you provided by your video. It cant be attached in VM only on your phone. SO i have no idea if ot could run on pc. …

Alr so i can mount play disc on phone and it opens up popup. I finally found out that task manager works on win95 as well. so after hitting “play” i can see in the task manager that “Diablo ii” and “Game” are are running. So I just gonna give it more time. … i guess (how loing does it take for you to start game?) (edit) so after like 40 min still nothing and they still “run” according to the task manager. ??

Bigger ram block must be emulated. -> what do you mean by this?

I saw the “j” in the past, dont remember what it was… -> hm… i see