Reply To: Physical mouse questions…


Ah, you are correct..Its the ”home” button, not ”back”. Yes, I can e-mail you! Whats your email adress?

Well, I cant bind my middle mouse button. Its not detected in magic dosbox when I try to bind it in the ”voodo control- mapper”. Strange however.. the middle mouse do work in games that uses it.. for example when I play ”Tex Murphy – Under a killing Moon” the mouse3(middle) button is used to switch between walking and investigate-mode, and it works great.

Regarding my second question..I would appreciate it very much if thats something that can be fixed. I believe this function (to have clickable buttons) would be a great improvmement. Its very nice to have this option when you just want to chill and play with only one hand(mouse), relaxing on the sofa and have the tablet plugged into the TV! 🙂