Reply To: Win98 Need for Speed II SE


Exactly. General Dosbox issue. That’s a good idea to try Windows 95. The only reason I haven’t is because I do not own a Windows 95 boot disk. I’ll have to see if my parents can dig up a windows 95 boot disk. I just have the installation disk. With windows 98, I was able to get everything installed and working with just the installation disk.

1) Everywhere I’ve looked with people using windows 9x on Dosbox, there’s always mention of using svga_s3 video driver. Is that because others just don’t work with Dosbox?

2) As for the yellow exclamation point next to the PCI Bus driver, the device status states “This device is disabled because the BIOS for the device did not give it any resources. Please enable it in the BIOS.” Do you know if we can we modify BIOS settings? Pressing delete during startup does not get me into the BIOS like it would on a desktop computer. The only other way I can think to solve this is to download and extract the Voodoo 1 drivers to C:/temp and then the add hardware wizard will apparently find and install the PCI Bus driver. I’ll probably try that first because I’m at a loss with the BIOS thing.

I realize that this is experimental and nothing is guaranteed. I just wanted to hear others thoughts and opinions on the matter because I’ve only recently gotten familiar with this software. And don’t get me wrong, it may sound like I’m struggling and getting frustrated… but I really do enjoy tinkering with this stuff and trying to figure these things out.