Reply To: [App Idea] An Export of MagicDB’s widget feature


I can never get any of exagear’s products to work on anything.

I was actually just thinking the same thing. There were several years where the DOS port of a game was inferior to the Amiga or Atari ST, but emulating those systems is a nightmare. MDB is also much more userfriendly than Retroarch, so I’ve been trying to set up MDB with console emulators running in DOS, but those old emu’s don’t work as well and my device can’t really handle all that overhead anyway.

I also very much enjoy MDB’s Home Screen shortcut function. With MDB, I can just tap a nice custom icon on my Home Screen and get straight into the game. With other systems, I have to mess around with emulator menus, and then if I want to use Game Keyboard+ (which is very good), I have to fool around with switching the system input method back and forth.