Reply To: Windows 95

Al ex

Win95 emulation is extremely cpu heavy. So unless your phone is powerful enough, you’ll have to deal with slowdowns. Dosbox wasn’t even developed to emulate Win95, that’s why it’s not officially supported even on the Dosbox website. SVN core is primarily intended for experimental features (like save states), and is too unstable for Win95. It doesn’t offer any speedup though, so that’s not a big deal anyway.

Still, you can always try to get better performance by applying some of the advanced settings. Frame skip can have an impact, especially on older phones. Frameskip=2 is a reasonable value. Most importantly though, you’ll need more raw power, so the cycles settings is the most important one.
Try cycles=105%. This setting is usually still pretty stable, i.e. has no sound issues. You can go up as high as cycles=125% (hardcoded limit), though at this point, you’ll most likely encounter nasty sound crackkling and skipping.