Reply To: Help a noob out


I have a random question, actually, but this is about how this thing works on a Chromebook, which is, I assume, not part of the design. I clicked the Create Desktop Shortcut button, which didn’t seem to do anything, because of course Chromebook doesn’t have a desktop. I did notice it seemed to send the shortcut to the context menu:


Any theories on what is happening here? I had hoped there would be to make a shortcut into the launcher, which in Chromebook is the equivalent of the app drawer.

Another thing I’ve noticed is, when I go into the advanced settings to change the cycles, it seems to have a hard time launching the game from the path? Is this intentional for some reason? As in, instead of launching the game it takes me to the right directory and then I type in the name of the .exe file, which is not a huge deal it just seemed odd.