Reply To: Joystick sensitivity?


Lol this game is old and does not have an option for sensitivity… However, I found something cool that fixed all my problems.

So I have Samsung dex, it allows me to hook my phone up to a TV or a screen with multiple USB ports… Well I tried it out with dosbox, and for kicks and giggles I ditched the stupid dualshock 4 and hooked up my CH Combatstick via USB… And OMG it works!! I can’t believe a full blown joystick meant for PC can be used on a phone to play a game on Magic dosbox!! How crazy is that?! Never in a million years did I think I’d be able to play a flight Sim using a joystick on a cell phone!

Next thing I am going to try is to hook up my pedals and throttle along with the joystick to see if it can work… If it does, this is gonna be some crazy stuff playing a flight sim! ????????

This brings back some childhood memories! Magic dosbox is awesome, thanks for the quick responses whenever I post on here… you guys did a great job with this app, it’s worth every penny!