Reply To: Help a noob out

Al ex

That’s possible, at least if I understood your question correctly. It’s a bit hidden under Voodoo Control – Assign gampead buttons. Try this:

1. Enter “add widgets” mode, and create a Deadly Strike widget
a. enter the widget properties. Check “Undetectable”, uncheck “Visible” (so you won’t trigger it accidentally)
b. scroll down to the bottom, click the orange “+” button
c. scroll down the list, and select “Target”
d. next, click the crosshair icon to the right of your newly added Target widget
e. select the spot on the screen you want your mouseclick to target, then press back button (or right mouse
f. save the widget by clicking the green checkmark

2. go back to play mode, press back button (right mouse)
a. scroll down and click “Voodoo Control”
b. enable mapper (topmost checkbox)
c. Click on “Assign ganeoad buttons”
d. click the orange “+” button
e. press the keybpard key you want to map (yes, it accepts most keyboard keys as well, not only gamepad buttons)
f. click the grey box that says “none”, and select your Deadly Strike widget from the list
g. accept your changes by clicking the green checkmark

That’s it. Now, whenever you press the assigned key, it will issue a mouse click to the designated position.