Reply To: Windows 95

Al ex

1. You need the Win95 folder. Do this:

    install Win95 to a 512 MB. Also make sure you have a CD-ROM emulator installed in Win95, such as Virtual Clone Drive
    copy iso file(s) to a 2 GB image
    mount the 512 MB image as drive C, boot Win95 from this image
    mount 2 GB image as drive D.
    when Win95 has booted, mount the iso file as drive E with Virtul Clone Drive in Win95. Install the game to drive D

Major advantage of separating Win95 boot image and game installation image: you can install as many games as you like, by using different 2 GB images. In your game profile, simply mount the 2 GB image that contains the correct game data.

For example: I’ve installed C&C Red Alert to one image file, and Diablo to another. I’m keeping both files on my sd card. Now, my C&C profile will boot from an image called Win95.img, and mount a 2 GB image called “RedAlert.img” as drive D.
My Diablo profile will also boot from the same Win95.img file, but mount another 2 GB image called “Diablo.img” instead.

2. not sure what you mean. Widgets can be removed in edit mode by tapping & holding them, then delete them from the popup menu.

3. You can’t have more than 2 GB img size and two hard drives. That’s simply a restriction of Windows 95. You can easily circumvent this limitation by using the method I’ve described above though.