Reply To: Dark Sun Problems


Once again, I looked around for a backup of Ishar 3, and did finally manage to get it running.

My next project is trying to get Daggerfall, with all the updates, patches and fixes running under Magic Dosbox, DaggerfallSetup-2.14.1. I also have (GOG’s setup_the_elder_scrolls_ii_daggerfall_1.07_(28043) version. I tried the one from the video tutorial, and it again for some reason didn’t work for me. But, I have found that playing around with the files a bit, or finding perhaps different versions or maybe voodoo, lol. They end up working at some point.

I have all of my compatible Dos collection up and running in Magic Dosbox, except Arena and Daggerfall. If I can get both of those running, it will be a miracle. I need to get into the app store and give the app a 5 star review. I really do appreciate the effort and help you are offering also.

Btw, do you guys have a discord channel? Might be easier to communicate in?