Reply To: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic


Have you tried Delta Touch? i dont think its possible to me to explain until you try it. Once you see the difference I think you would agree that its better than the current setup in here.

Original Duke 3d I think it allowed to go forward/backward and strafe with the mouse. So what we would need is to have this on the left thumb and then regular aiming on the right thumb. I dont know how this would be done. Just try Delta Touch to get the idea. I think it works better with touchscreens that way.

BTW: Do I need to click on “expert” checkbox for the manual settings to apply? when I clicked there it doesnt load, it gives me an error.

BTW: The toggle run button stopped working… I was editing the alpha to make the buttons less visible and somehow i fcked something up and its not toggling anymore and it just runs.

BTW: When I press the key U it doesnt toggle mouse look.. wtf. Edit: I realized your tutorial says:

“In Mouse Aiming Mode set momentary button and enable “Invert Mouse Aiming up and down”

I think this is wrong and it should be toggle.