Reply To: *New feature: Time Travel drive sync


I had a related idea.

Has anyone ever used shared savestate files to simulate “play by email” multiplayer?

This is already possible by tabbing over to an app like “FolderSync” to update the shared save on dropbox/google drive. If it’s easy to implement multi-user cloud saves, in MDB this could make the process fairly quick and seamless.

It would be cool to play a few turns per day of something like Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Heroes of Might & Magic, with other busy adults sneaking in gaming a few minutes at a time on their phones.

EDIT: I’m trying to set up a shared savestate to hotseat Laser Squad. I can’t find the savestate file, I can’t change the directories in Global settings, and I don’t know to switch my ‘location’ to ‘public’. I uninstalled MDB but I still don’t see any option to change this. Is it possible to just keep the save states in the same directory as the game itself?

It’s possible to get by using normal savegames, but save states would be much more powerful.