Reply To: Dark Sun Problems


I can change to drive D no problem.
I don’t have an sd card, just the internal storage of the phonem. It’s a OnePlus 7 pro. No SD card possible, just the 256 gb it comes with.

So my path is “drive D is mounted as /storage/emulated/0/dosgames/Ravager/game.ins”

When I change to D: and type “Ravager,” it just crashes. Seems like that should run the game, but it just doesn’t work.
In the game files, there’s a ravager.bat and a dsun.exe.
I could have sworn I used to just type dsun and it would run many years ago when I played the game on actual dos.
Anyway, when I mount the d drive as you described and switch to D: and try typing dsun, I get this:

DARKSAVE.GFF to DARKRUN.GFF failed. Path = D:\