Reply To: Dark Sun Problems

Al ex

Yes, that’s the “tricky setups” i was referring to. Someone over at GoG really loves to code DOS batches. ?

Anyway, you will probably have to configure Magic Dosbox using the [autoexec] section at the bottom of the expert settings. That’s the equivalent to the .conf file (in fact, it is the .conf file). And here’s where the fun begins. ?

Forget about the whole part starting with “goto launcher”; that’s all just a gimmick to allow you access to the setup.

All you need is this part:
mount c “..”
mount C “..\cloud_saves” -t overlay
imgmount d “..\game.ins” -t iso

In your case, let’s assume the game files and the game.ins image are on the internal sd card, in a folder/subfolder called “DOSGames/Ravager”. In that case, you should type something like this:

mount c /storage/sdcard/DOSGames
imgmount d /storage/sdcard/DOSGames/Ravager/game.ins -t iso

If the mounting is correct, and you’ve set the “expert settings” checkmark, the profile will boot into DOS, to your virtual C:\ root (the “DOSGames” folder on your sdcard).
Now, type (and hit enter) either “D:” to access the cd image, or “cd ravager” to enter the game directory. From here, you can launch the setup, configure the game, and run it. If everything works as intended, add these two lines to the autoexec section, so the game will autostart next time:

cd ravager

This will autostart the game when you launch your profile, and shut down the profile automatically when you exit the game.

Hope this helps… ??