Reply To: Dark Sun Problems


Thanks for the quick response!

I fiddled around with it last night and found a solution for Shattered Lands. I’m going to post it here in case anyone else has problems with it and they find this post. The solution is simple.

I ran the sound_ds.exe and did the sound setup. Then I ran dsun.exe and the game worked normally. That’s it.

As for Wake of the Ravager, I did some reading on it and it turns out the game itself has some fundamental problems unrelated to dosbox. Apparently it was really buggy at launch.
The GOG version comes with a patch.exe.
I tried running the patch and the sound_ds.exe with no luck. Tried it in different orders, nothing.
But the game does run on my laptop.

Here’s the autoexec portion of the Wake of the Ravager .conf file.

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
# You can put your MOUNT lines here.
@echo off
mount c “..”
mount C “..\cloud_saves” -t overlay
imgmount d “..\game.ins” -t iso
goto launcher

ECHO º —————————————— º
ECHO º Dark Sun 2: Wake of the Ravager Launcher º
ECHO º —————————————— º
ECHO º 1) Dark Sun 2: Wake of the Ravager º
ECHO º 2) Game DOS Settings º
ECHO º —————————————— º
ECHO º 3) exit program º
ECHO º —————————————— º

choice /c123 /s Which program do you want to run? [1-3]: /n
if errorlevel 3 goto exit
if errorlevel 2 goto setup
if errorlevel 1 goto game

goto exit

goto launcher



Thanks for the help!