Reply To: hdd imgmount question and observation

Al ex

Windows 95 only supports two hard drives, with a limit of 2 GB. But if you need more space, to install more games, you can use a workaround:

Always mount the same image with your Win95 installation as C drive, so the install information for all games, as well as your system settings etc, are always up to date. Mount 2 GB images as drive D, and install the game files there. This way, you can have multiple of these 2 GB images, and simply mount the correct one in your game profile (also, maybe name them after the games they contain).

For example: I have several images, e.g. “Win95.img” (my C drive image), and “2GB_MM6_Diablo.img”, “2GB_AoE1_AoE2.img”, “2GB_RedAlert_Starcraft.img” (D drive images).
Now, in my Diable game profile, I mount Win95.img as C, and 2GB_MM6_Diablo.img as D
In my Age of Empires 2 profile, I mount Win95.img as C, and 2GB_AoE1_AoE2.img as D
In my Starcraft profile, I mount Win95.img as C, and 2GB_RedAlert_Starcraft.img as D
You get the idea. ?

This way, I have my individual game controls setup, along with the correct HD image containing my game files.